Astolfo Funes

East Hampton, NY – SOLAR Contemporary Art & Design, a unique art space in the Hamptons specializing in emerging Latin American artists, with a particular focus on contemporary art and design from Venezuela, is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition of entirely new works by Venezuelan artist, Astolfo Funes, who returns to East Hampton for his fourth solo show at SOLAR. On view 24 July through 24 August. Opening Cocktail with the Artist on Saturday, July 24th, 5-7 pm.

Funes (b. 1973) is recognized for aggressive abstractions with vibrant colours in paintings and drawings featuring figures of women portrayed in various settings and activities.   Yellow and orange hues have predominated in past works, however in current paintings the artist brings the black line to the fore, emphasising it by leaving the background white, thus lending the figure more dimension and a graphic quality.  “En blanco” (In White) describes the shift to a more minimal style and also encapsulates the ideas of starting with a blank canvas and a clear mind.  These new works are the result of paring down to essentials: line, colour